Thursday, May 31, 2012

Microsoft employees accused of downloading protected content using BitTorrent

Microsoft employees may have used company equipment in Washington, United States, to download content via BitTorrent. The materials have downloaded movies and even pornographic. The information was known by a compilation of public trackers BitTorrent where the IP would be registered teams at Microsoft.Microsoft is one of the most committed to the fight against piracy and misuse of copyrighted software and content. The company, also one of the most affected by piracy, has made several initiatives to combat these practices. One of the latest Microsoft stock was directed specifically against the BitTorrent system. The Redmond company financed a small BitTorrent company created to break bonds, designated as one of the mechanisms used for piracy. Despite Microsoft's efforts, the company could have the "enemy" at home. According to Torrent Freak website, have discovered evidence that employees at Microsoft offices in Washington would have used the equipment and the corporate network to download different content via BitTorrent. Evidence has been released by YouHaveDownloaded page, a website that has so far been published information public BitTorrent trackers, which allow you to view downloaded content for different IPs. According to Torrent Freak, IPs have been introduced related to Microsoft and have been found to have downloaded content via BitTorrent.To associate these IPs to Microsoft, Neowin has explained who have come to the Register Americado of IPs and found that Microsoft was responsible for a group of addresses among which were some of those used for downloading files with BitTorrent.Besides the fact that teams are used to download Torrent Microsoft despite the opposition of the company, allegedly downloaded files are also news. In addition to movies and other content on Torrent Freak ensure that pornographic films were downloaded from the IP addresses associated with Microsoft.

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