Sinaptycs and their new concept to control Win 8 whit notebook trackpad

With the advent of
 Windows 8 and Metro user interface especially designed for touch screens, there are many doubts about how well received it will be among those who continue to use a computer with mouse and keyboard. But Synaptics, a company famous for making the drivers for the trackpad of laptops and place an icon next to the clock in Windows for no reason, has done a great thing through aconcept called Clickpad Experience, which aims to bring the wonders Metro totrackpad without a touchscreen.

The idea is simple and predictable, but there was someone to do, because thanks to this driver will allow us to navigate through the application menu, 
greenwich auto insurance drag grids,access breaking sidebar from the left edge touches the surface exchange between applications and the Windows desktop by playing from the right edge, surf the Internet at Metro, explore Google Maps in a tactile way, drawing with multi-touch(multitouch) in Paint, and even play a virtual piano, all without ever access the keyboard.

The system operates on the trackpad is a replica of the screen, so that the distances between elements of the monitor are proportional to what should be under your fingers, but this is done without visual feedback and of course, can lead tohandling errors if you are not accurate enough. We will see in a few days in the Microsoft Ecosystem Summit event, so attentive to the details of this release
Link: Synaptics shows conceptual trackpad interface with Windows 8, better make it a reality (video) (Engadget)