Wednesday, June 6, 2012

CTX2012: ASUS Wolverine, the monstrous mother card with 40 phase power

 Just yesterday Gigabyte showed his motherboard Z77X-UP7, with which boasted exposing its 32 digital phase power, just awesome, but many wondered what the response from ASUS to it? ASUS's response was immediate, and unfortunately a few hours of fame Gigabyte ended with the announcement of the new ASUS motherboard Wolverine, which has a PCB with 40 digital power stages. ASUS Wolverine has a look that is reminiscent of motherboards P8Z77-V Series ASUS's own, but with the very obvious difference in the number of power phases. The motherboard is compatible with multi-GPU mode 3-Way SLI / CrossFireX, and has a large number of features. Yet know if the new policy will succeed "The more power phases, better" which seem to have both ASUS and Gigabyte engaged, at least not until both products are launched. But if current motherboards like ASUS ROG Maximus V Gene with 8 4 phases are capable of leading the overclock limit to microprocessors Ivy Bridge-DT sub-zero temperatures What else can we offer new multi-phase motherboards ? Are they just marketing? Do they just played their prestige?

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