Sunday, June 3, 2012

Windows 8 Release Preview raises their hardware requirements?

A few days ago Microsoft made ​​available to users the latest drafts of their future operating system: Windows 8 Preview Release version far more polished than the previous: Developer Preview Windows 8 and Windows 8 Consumer Preview. From OCWorkbench report that apparently Microsoft quietly raised the hardware requirements for Windows 8 Release Preview, then trying to update one of their teams: a NetPC (nettop) based on an Intel Atom dual core running at 1.6GHz (possibly first Generation: Diamondville) in combination with the Nvidia ION chipset, which worked with the old version: Developer Preview Windows 8, Windows 8 Release Preview refused to install under these settings throwing the message: "setup can not continue because of the low power of the team. " It is unknown if Microsoft will make some adjustment in the final version of Windows 8, to enable implementation in the first Atom chips released, or finally the holders of such equipment can not install the new operating system.

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