Production level of hard drives gona take 2 years to recover

We already saw last month's floods in Thailand seriously affected the capacity ofhard disk manufacturers, which triggered that given the low availability of hard drives, they increase their prices considerably, even forcing many OEMs resorting to the gray market for supplies. From Digitimes reported that due to damage, theproduction capacity of hard drives may take about 2 years to recover.

Suppliers of parts such as motors and drives Nidec claim to have over 2000 piecesof their equipment damaged beyond repair due to flooding, and this situation is repeated in many of the suppliers of most of the components involved in the manufacture hard drives, that would leave them out of action for several months or even years.

Digitimes The estimate of the hard drive industry could take about 2 years to recover production capacity that had moments before they begin flooding. So do notexpect an improvement in the situation for at least 6 to 9 months, where prices beginto decline gradually in south university , but in no way reach the price level before the floods until severalmonths later.
Link: Hard disk supply could take two years to recover  (Bit-Tech)