Saturday, June 23, 2012

Calxeda shows a server that would be 15 times more efficient than Intel

Calxeda is a company that is gaining attention lately, in media terms-around category of servers, this time through a unique product that promises to be 15 times better than the competition, namely Intel.

For have revealed details of its upcoming ARM Calxeda Server, computer chips based on this architecture and provide a moderate performance but with an energy very, very low.

The company showed its results for the benchmark ApacheBench v2.3 at the following platform: server CPU EnergyCore Calxeda ECX-1000 quad-core running at 1.1 GHz, 4GB of memory and DDR3L-1066 SATA hard drive spinning at 7200rpm, this to move the operating system Ubuntu Server v12.04.

The results? Against an E3-1240 Intel Xeon quad-core also running at 3.3GHz and, underwent both a requirement of one million requests. The Calxeda chip processed 5,500 requests per second, while the Xeon 6950. Intel certainly pays a little better, but what about power consumption? Here's the surprise, as the ECX-1000 processor has a TDP of just over 5W, while Intel's TDP is 80W and the platform was full 102W.

Taking account, Calxeda says that in terms of processing power per Watt they are 15 times higher, pending more benchmarks that show us that a server based on the ARM architecture is a more viable than x86, so little by little more companies try to push to get their ARM products.

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